Ashley really is a life changer! Talking to Ashley and messaging her made all the difference in the world!! I felt like I had her in my corner, cheering me on and telling me what to do. I was able to remove the guilt and fear of messing things up or messing my son up and just trust her! Seriously I feel like ours was the hardest situation — drinking a bottle, waking up in the middle of the night, sleeping in my bed, only would fall asleep if I was laying down with him, no naps — what a total change to going to bed by himself, no bottle, no diaper, no waking up in the middle of the night, and resting or napping each day in his bed.......... WHAT!! That is amazing! I will forever be grateful to Ashley!!
— Lara, mom of 3-year-old Hinckley
My son would sleep more than half the night in my bed. It took up to 2 hours to get him down for bed, and then he’d sleep maybe 3 hours before waking up and refusing to go back in his bassinet. I was exhausted, and very sore from having to sleep with a baby on my boob every night. After working with Ashley, my son goes to sleep quickly on his own and sleeps the whole night in his own bed! Throughout the process, Ashley validated my feelings and took my thoughts and suggestions into account if we ever needed to make a change to the sleep plan. We are in a much better place now!
— McKele, mom of 4-month-old Levi
Ashley is a life saver! Before her help, my daughter was only taking 30-minute naps; now she is consistently taking naps that are over 1 hour! She is getting the rest she needs, and I am finally able to get some stuff done!
— Kandice, mom of 9-month-old Dawsyn
Ashley is a miracle worker! My daughter wasn’t napping well during the day and was sleeping awful at night. The very first day Ashley helped me with a sleep schedule, my daughter took a 2.5 hour nap! She helped me establish a great sleep schedule for my daughter, who is still sleeping well 5 months later! I am so grateful for Ashley’s help!
— Alice, mom of 4-month-old (9 months at time of review) Elizabeth
My baby was co-sleeping with us, not by our choice. We would start him in his own bed but he would wake every 2-4 hours to nurse. I was tired so I put him in my bed to get some extra zzzz’s. As he was approaching 6 months I knew he was ready to sleep train and did not need to nurse so much in the night. He was also getting harder and harder to put down for nap time and was sleeping in a bouncer as a last resort. We started the training just after he turned 6 months and within 24 hours he was sleeping exclusively in his crib and falling asleep on his own with little crying. After a week it was like his bad sleeping habits never existed. He was content in his bed and seldom woke in the night. I would occasionally feed him once in the night as opposed to 4 times. I have 2 older children that I sleep trained, but it was never to the extent of what Ashley plans out and it was the most positive experience sleep training my child. I was really nervous about the CIO but it went really well. Ashley was very detailed and thorough and her support was really helpful and appreciated. Yay for more sleep and my own bed back!
— Savannah, mom of 6-month-old Thatcher
Ashley is a child sleep genius! We trained three of my kids (5, 4, 2.5) all at the same time. They all share a room and our two biggest problems were super drawn out bedtime routine (having to remind them multiple times to be quiet, get back in bed, etc) and all three ending up in our bed every single night (and waking up multiple times to fight over who gets to sleep by mom/dad, who should stop touching who, etc.). Two weeks later, I put the kids into their room at bedtime and while they’re not perfect yet, I close the door and don’t have to go back in at all to do reminding. Huge stress relief for me!! Our biggest change though, by far, is that the kids no longer come to our bed at night. I am not at all against my kids coming in when they have a nightmare, are sick, need a little extra love, etc...but every kid, every night was getting old, and my husband and I are SO happy to have our bed back to ourselves most nights! The last big problem we solved is getting my 4-year-old back to afternoon naps after a year of being nap-free. He didn’t even fight it at all with the tips Ashley gave me. I was shocked and I’m definitely enjoying the quiet time in the afternoon with all the kids napping! I have to say that even though I’ve done a lot of research on child sleep, sleep training, etc...having a consultant to work through your problems with you and encourage you during the process is LIFE CHANGING.
— Marci, mom of 5-year-old Jack, 4-year-old Phillip, and 2.5-year-old Zoe

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