Certified Child and Infant Sleep Consultant, Ashley Holmes, of Sleeping Child, Sane Parent, can help you get your child's sleep back on track!
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I’m Ashley Holmes —

wife to Russ, mama to Ada & Baby #2 due in December, and sleep consultant to sleepless families! My own experiences with my daughter’s sleeplessness led me to a sleep consultant who changed my whole world, which is why I embarked on the same path — I want to change your whole world, too!

On an average day, you’ll find me trying to keep my wild 2-year-old out of all the things. Case in point: For a while there, our kitchen chairs were permanently hanging out on top of the table because Miss Ada learned she could push them around and climb up onto the countertops! (Luckily it’s not as much of a problem these days, so the chairs are back on the ground.) When the weather is nice, we head to the park where Ada is content to swing endlessly, while I push her and listen to all my favorite podcasts – Better than Happy, the Goal Digger podcast, Purpose with Corie Clark, and so many others (can’t get enough!). When the weather is not nice, we get together with friends for playdates, go to the library, or hang out together at mall play areas.

If you were to hang out with me for a week, you’d quickly learn about my ability to stretch the time between hair washes for a few too many days using dry shampoo, my hesitancy to watch a movie I haven’t seen a preview for, and you’d definitely find out about my love of treats (Russ and I actually first met at a treat table – destiny!).

In my personal life, I’m passionate about creating a spectacular marriage, raising my family to add love to the world, and helping others see that they can reach their dreams just like I’m doing – especially if their dream is to sleep through the night again! 

I love serving the world by teaching parents what they can do to instill priceless sleeping skills in their kiddos at a young age. I also love to remind them that they are the most qualified people for the job of being their child’s parents. We all need reminders that we’re doing a great job!

When I’m not busy creating content and working with clients, you can find me investigating a new hobby (I’m currently on a decluttering/organizing/zero waste kick), reading a book (never fiction), going on fun dates with my husband (see all our adventures on Instagram @rushleydatenight), having dance parties with Ada in the living room (she’s getting more and more picky about song choices!), and using way too many parentheses because I always have more to say!

Come find me on Instagram – It’s my favorite place to connect!

And if you’re here looking for answers to child sleep issues, please take advantage of my FREE mini phone consults!

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