Struggling Parent turned Sleep Consultant

When my daughter, Ada, was about two months old, she started taking half-hour naps every single time. As a first-time mom, I didn’t know much about baby sleep, but I knew that half-hour naps weren’t long enough – for her or for me! I was tired, overwhelmed, and dealing with those lovely postpartum hormones that show up for so many mamas. I needed naptime in order to regain some sanity!

Once I realized these 33-minute naps (yes – every time!) weren’t going away on their own, I read article after article, book after book, and of course, solicited the help of friends and acquaintances on social media. I couldn’t find anything that worked. I was a complete emotional wreck all the time because I spent all my time watching her sleep, reading about sleep, worrying about when she’d wake up from her current sleep, or venting/crying about sleep to anyone who’d listen. It was all just too much!

After 4+ months of attempting literally any idea I could find, I tried accepting the fact that my daughter was just a short napper. However, a week of dealing with a cranky short-napping baby reminded me that my daughter really did need the sleep I’d been desperately seeking.

So I reached out to a sleep consultant, but I was very hesitant. I felt like I had already tried everything! However, I knew I didn’t have any other options, so I committed to work with the consultant. And in two weeks, that consultant fixed the problem I had been obsessing over for 4+ months. I was a real human again! I started enjoying my baby girl so much more! I had time to take showers! Fixing my daughter’s sleep issues honestly gave me back my sanity.

When I realized what a difference sleep consultants can make in the lives of others, I knew I wanted to be one. So I started learning as much as I could about child sleep and then certified as a pediatric sleep consultant with the Family Sleep Institute.

If you’re a parent feeling hopeless and overwhelmed by your child’s sleeping issues, I’m here for YOU. I want to help you get your sanity back. I want to help you love your role as a parent – something that is made a bit easier when you have a happy child who sleeps well. When you feel clueless and helpless, I want to empower you. I want to help your children get the sleep they need to properly grow and develop. I want to help your family experience more joy as a result of all members of the family being well rested.

In short, I want to fill the world with more sleeping children and more sane parents :)

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